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Men's Health

Traditionally a man's primary role was to be fertile, protective and nurturing, supportive of family and community. His secondary role is work to ensure the continuity of our species.  But a mans place in today's changing world of conflict, corporate manipulation and greed is becoming that of a slave to that which is destroying us.

Leadership and masculinity have given way to uncertainty and powerlessness, male fertility is declining as is the health of humanity due to the poisons in our food and atmosphere, and over population.

From boyhood through adolescence to manhood there are obstacles to overcome. Living means learning, learning about ones self and the world,  turning weakness into strength, and learning how to overcome problems peacefully as they occur rather than waiting for crisis and loss of control.

The measure of a man in any centaury is his strength of character. However as we grow up without any clear purpose, the development of character is often a result of chance instead of intelligent design.  But it is vital for the health and wellbeing of every individual and the planet we call home that man develops his character and intellect so that he can see through the games of life that force us to compete for survival in a material world where men's and women's roles are constantly changing.

If man is to take his rightful place as protector, he must maintain his health of body and mind, he must continue to improve. For the city bound male, getting out into the country and maintaining a healthy diet along with physical and mental exercise is of paramount importance. Good health and physique and a strong immune system result in less suffering.

While women and religion offer some solace, religion mostly serves to bind instead of liberate. Drugs and alcohol occasionally give some insights but mostly cause blindness to the truth and further ill health.  Relationships are more complex, some men settle with one partner, many will never find the perfect mate and have successive sexual partners in an age where family values have been completely eroded.

The path to health and the path to true manhood requires strength, discipline and the support of loved ones. Healing comes through following a policy of peace, physical and mental exercise, and a healthy sex life which for many men is the root cause of their unhappiness. A healthy sex life empowers the spirit as much as the most profound meditation.  Religious experience can also be the incentive to embrace the fullness of life, lead to better health and a longer and happier life.

Male Sexuality

In this age where not every man is fortunate to have a family and sex is a recreational activity, common problems for men are finding sex partners, and the failure to find sex partners can lead to frustration and sometimes crime to relieve the frustration. For the some men masturbation is sufficient while others purchase sex for emotional release.

Libido, Penis Size and Do You Last The Distance?

Reading any women's magazine, it seems that women are obsessed by penis size and the mans skill in maintaining an erection to fully satisfy her. Women are just as competitive as men and what one woman gets the others all want. So along with general health, understanding and being in control of your reproductive system is vital. Sexual health is vital to a mans wellbeing and in this competitive age where an edge over the competition and the need to feel stronger important for self esteem, a strong libido signifies good general health and happiness and we have reviewed some products which may help enhance libido, sperm volume and fertility..

An adequate penis size gives a man confidence both in the bedroom and the boardroom and the penis health pages contain information for the care and development of your most private part, including prostate problems, impotency, erectile dysfunction, aging, libido, psychology and penis size and how to enlarge your penis, learn more.

A Life of Work

The activities done in order to survive are the greatest threat to men's health. Historically as hunter gatherers, the risks were in nature where the animal being hunted would cause injury or death. Today workplace accidents are common and daily men are injured and sometimes die. Work today takes many forms as our society develops and a great many men find themselves desk bound in front of a computer all day and a new range of debilitating conditions has appeared. The reduced physical exercise has led to a greater incidence of obesity and repetitive strain injuries which over time become chronic conditions and the cause of even more debilitating illnesses.

Growth Hormone
Eternal youth, or another fad?

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