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Life and Health - Insights and Solutions.

Social Injustice is a root cause of all illness which perpetuates poor education, poor quality food, suffering and other consequences of poverty. The rich suffer from over consumption and do not escape the consequences of poor education, lifestyle and karma.

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New Hope for the Unwell

One of the most exciting turnarounds that is affecting the health of a minority is a proof that food really is our best medicine. There are innumerable reports of individuals suffering from cancers and other degenerative diseases who have experienced complete recovery by adopting natural, organic whole food diets. learn more.

Are we getting more stupid?
We could live in peace, we have the tools and technology to feed the world and ensure everyone's wellbeing. Yet a third of the population goes hungry and instead of peace we've eternal war.

To smarten up, we all need to do something like take responsibility for ourselves. This is a challenge when you're a wage slave and only free men and women can be responsible, yet freedom is something most have been led to fear.

It's time to break free and the simplest way is to sit still and relax for 10 minutes or so every day. You can call it meditation, but it's more just being present with yourself without any agenda. But if you're fearful of this, you need to know that all your spooky ideas have been created in your own mind and you're in charge - or not. Prehaps you need some brain power?

Our Declining Libido
Actually it's more than just libido. Its a general reduction in our quality of life that is causing a reduction in our fertility. This is happening not only to the human species, but other species as well and the cause of this is pollution.

Within current political and social boundaries, it is predicted that as a species, we will become extinct within 100,000 years as our levels of infertility increase. With the technology we now have, we can create artificial humans and it is predicted that the test tube will become our primary means of reproduction in the near future.

If you libido and fertility are in decline, there is hope. You can take control of your life, diet and lifestyle not matter what rung of the societal ladder you are on.  We discuss libido in more detail with sections for men and women.

The Decline of Health Care
In New Zealand as with many other countries, health care has become a commodity and the citizens as consumers are increasingly ill informed despite the improvements in information technology.

Perhaps our biggest disease is apathy, we are far more concerned with paying off the latest gadget than being interested in the declining state of our nation despite the warning signs such as the sharp decline in fertility and the increasing expense of health care and education.

Depression Bites

The cost living is increasing and while business focus is on the price of oil, what affects most people is the increasing cost of food, healthcare and education.

For the affluent, this means little, but for the average citizen it has far reaching consequences. As the cost of living rises, one area people often seek to make savings in is with food.

In hard times, many will eat a little less or eat foods that cost less. Lower cost often means lower quality  and as regulation is lax, low quality food will be saturated with chemicals and be detrimental to your families health.

Many processed foods are laden with preservatives and fillers with very little food value and they may be manufactured from residues of the original products or leftovers from another manufacturing process and an even worse probability is that cheap processed food may be made with genetically modified products or contaminated with agricultural and industrial chemicals.

The Hidden Consequences
While consuming cheap foods may help to stretch your dollar further, the consequences of poor quality foods will be gradual reduction in the quality of life, a higher incidence of disease and a lower life expectancy.

Surviving hard times
Establish the goal of self sufficiency - one of the fist things to do is to begin growing some of your own food and cooperating with your neighbours to produce and share food and recourses.

Herbs and fresh leafy greens are easy to grow and they can be grown in small garden plots and in containers on balconies. Fresh herbs provide flavour as well as vitamins and mineral and have a mild therapeutic value.

Common weeds such as dandelion, chick weed, purslane and fat hen, even some garden flowers can be eaten and look for other wild foods specific you your area.

When preparing food, up to 50% can be bulk, i.e.  grains like rice, quinoa and buckwheat, and tubers like potato, kumara (sweet potato) & yams. Tubers are very easy to grow.

Food for thought:
The only absolute certainty is that of a closed mind


Traditional Medicine
According to A World Health Organisation report, over 80% of the worlds population relies on traditional medicines which are largely plant based for their primary healthcare needs. learn more.

If we leave out the ‘should’ and look at how people come to an understanding and decide on the diet, then perhaps you can come to a more balanced decision for your life. Learn more.

Learn Massage:
Take your health into your own hands, learn how to treat your family and friends, or create a new career. Learn more

Like many other trade deals, the TPP has its costs in terms of human health and wellbeing. Good for some, bad for most, learn more.

Zikia Virus
A new fear and controversy. Is it man made, the cause of microcephaly or is it something else? learn more.

One of civilizations most useful and widely used materials used in almost every human activity, but is plastic a deadly killer that is slowly killing us all, learn more.

The Fluoride debate
This substance is an industrial waste that the public has been sold as a cure for tooth decay. But it does not prevent tooth decay, but it keeps people comfortably numb and may contribute to suicides. learn more

Natural Weight Loss
Perhaps your mail box has been filled with e-mail advising that hoodia is the best new thing for weight loss. Most of these emails are scams, but learn more about hoodia here.

The bust that you don't want - yes men's breasts or man boobs are sending men off in droves for breast reduction surgeries, but is this necessary learn more.

The Bust You Have Always Wanted:
If you have small breasts and would like more to help you feel good as a woman, or to improve your self confidence, we have reviewed and rated several popular products that offer a more affordable and safer solution than implant surgery, learn more.

What's Afflicting Us:
Pompholox is a debilitating affliction of the hands and feet. No one knows the cause, but allergies certainly play a role and with patience and perseverance, the condition can be overcome  learn more.

Mouth Ulcers
Also known as canker sores, these sores in the mouth appear on the soft tissues inside the mouth, most commonly in young adults aged 15 - 25 and affect women more than men, learn more.

One of the worlds oldest traditional medicine systems learn more.

Human Survival
We are what we eat and it is our fundamental right to be able to have access to natural organic foods that have not been chemically or genetically changed or irradiated, and to access nutritional supplements to help balance and strengthen our metabolism.

The desire and the ability to have sex is something we often take for granted and we expect it always to be there. But in our changing world, our sexual health is declining. His libido - Her libido.

With the spread of terrorism, some people are becoming afraid just to go to work let alone travel, learn more.



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