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Diet > Slim for Life

So, you think you could lose a few inches and fit into those old pair of jeans again? First of all, you must persuade yourself that dieting is more worthwhile than buying new ones.

The next step is to set a goal. How much do you want to lose and how much effort are prepared to put into losing weight.

Dieting can be a very demanding exercise. Heavier people tend to lose a lot of weight at the start, then they slow down as they carry on. Lighter people tend to take longer to lose weight.

Once you are on a diet, it is important to realise that one day you will stop dieting. If you slip back into old habits, you are likely to put on excess weight again. So, the best way to keep slim is to restore normal eating slowly.

Most people who regain excess weight are the ones who indulge daily in sweet treats, fats, and/ or overeating. Did you know that seven Moro chocolate bars make up for an adult's daily calorie requirement? Apart from its high sugar content, it lacks essential nutrients.

Dieting coupled with exercise not only speeds up weight loss, but also helps to keep excess weight off. It increases your metabolism, which means that your body will burn more energy, leaving very little to be stored as fat.

If you don't like exercise, it is a good idea to find out why. We were given four limbs to move ourselves around, and move things around us.

Obese people tend to find that even a slow walk is very uncomfortable. However, once they have lost some weight, they can start exercising slowly and gradually. Physical exercise helps the brain release opiates, which are natural chemical substances that make people feel good.

If you tried all diets and failed, you are either made to fit a larger size, are dieting for the wrong reason, or tried fad diets only.

Genetic make up plays a very important role. So do the reasons for dieting. If you are dieting to get love, improve relationships, feel welcome, recognised, or good about yourself, you are wasting your time.

Ineffective diets usually encourage eating foods of high fat and high sugar content. Some encourage replacing meals by drinks. Other fad diets place miraculous properties on to one or another type of food, for instance, the grapefruit diet. Diets which restrict eating to only one or two types of food a day are also ineffective and can do a lot of harm.

Regular exercise, healthy diet, and moderation, are the only well known and proven ways to keep a slim body for life.

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