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Ayurveda > Tamak Shwas-Chikitsa

By Dr. Satish Kulkarni

Treatment of Asthmatic Bronchitis
When Ms. Maria entered my clinic she was coughing and experiencing difficulty in breathing. "This happens every winter. And along with it, I have a cough that lasts the whole night with hissing noise from the chest. It is so bad that I cannot even lie down for a while" she said. There was frustration in her voice.

I prepared a case paper and started noting down important things. Maria is about 25 years old. She works as a garden supervisor since the past 3-4 years. She has been suffering from this kind of cough since the past 2-3 years. I began contemplating and first thought of pollen grain allergy as a possibility.

Her medical history revealed that Maria’s prakruti is kafa prakruti. She is well built and beautiful. Her black wavy glossy hair, smooth lustrous fair pinkish skin, smooth glossy big pinkish nails and even glazing straight shiny white teeth all suggested that she comes under the category of kafa prakruti. Her milky white, soft eyes with a gentle look and her deep, pleasant and resonating voice supported the fact that she is of kafa prakruti.

Maria explained that she was fed up of consuming bronco dilators. Since the past 2-3 years she had repeatedly been taking Deriphyllin, Aminophylline or Salbutamol with cough mixtures. These gave her temporary relief, but things came back to square one within no time. She wanted to find a better cure.

I talked to her about ayurvedic treatment. But Maria’s mother wanted me to prescribe allopathic medicines to begin with so that Maria would get fast relief and would be able to resume her work the following day. I had to listen to her. The following day she came to me when Maria was doing better than before. She complained that although Maria’s condition was better than before, this would not last long and her cough would come back within a day or two.

I took this opportunity and explained to her that if we tried ayurvedic treatment as a follow-up, it could give lasting relief. Both Maria and her mother agreed to this. We decided to opt for vaman chikitsa (induced vomiting or emesis therapy) which would correct her aggravated kafa dosha (one of the basic body constituents). As a purva karma (pre procedure) Maria was advised snehan (olation therapy) and swedan (induced sweating). Then, a few days later, Maria came in early in the morning with her parents for vaman (one of the panch-karma.) She had been advised nil by mouth that day and had a history of clear motions. I knew that this was because of snehan.

Maria sat on a chair near a washbasin. I gave her yashtimadhu kwath (decoction of licorice i.e. glycerrhiza glabra) in a pot with a glass. She could consume 3-4 glasses of it. She sat for a while and then started feeling nauseated. Immediately, she started vomiting and vomited for 3-4 times. We measured the vomit with the measuring pot and confirmed that almost all of the decoction was out of her body. She was advised to take rest for a while and was allowed to go home and take a light meal after an hour.

As follow up advice, she was prescribed sitopaladi churna (powder containing sugar crystals, pippali (long pepper), etc.) with vasaka syrup three times a day for two weeks.

Maria is very regular with follow up visits and is much better now. About a month has passed since vaman and she has still not had an attack. I have advised her to take haldi powder (carcuma longa) with hot milk at bedtime. This will increase her general body resistance (especially respiratory). We hope that she will get lasting relief with the above-mentioned treatment. A few other tips which may add to her present status of health are to avoid contact with allergens i.e. pollen grains, by covering the nose with a cloth, preferably drinking boiled water at the onset of trouble and avoiding cold food or drinks.

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