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Women > Sex After Divorce

by Francis K Githinji

How do you get Back into the scene and into bed?

When you were getting married you never thought you would ever break apart. Here you are after divorce, a lonely woman. After sleeping with only one man for decades, the idea of adding another unexpected notch to the belt is hard to accept. After divorce you have to go in search of romance again unless you have decided to spend lonely and cold nights alone. If you want to enjoy your sex life again after being single, it has to be safe sex. It is hard to imagine that you will have to open up to somebody else. You have been handed your second lease of your sex life so enjoy sex after divorce. After all you have gained experience over the years.

Women are different and there are those divorced women who feel that sex is no longer a need in their lives. There are others who want to renew the sex vigor at all costs. Sex after divorce faces many challenges because divorced people often go through depression and a lot of anxiety inhibiting the libido to lower-than-average. They are therefore single and divorced with very little sex drive if any. For divorced women it sounds like a big transition to get back in the dating pool. It is a good opportunity to develop her self-esteem and self confidence in the process of meeting different guys in different demographics. How soon can you start sex after divorce? The right time depends on an individual because they know how ready they are to engage with somebody else. There is no standard time because divorced women have suffered from different damages.

Some divorced women feel they need a stretch of time to recover from the previous relationship before they indulge in sex after divorce. Some do not get their groove back until they get attention from a guy then they start dating. There is no rule of thumb concerning sex after divorce so women should explore dating and relationships and men often find these women are even more appealing since they come into the relationship with more experiences of life as opposed to women who have never got married. As you sow your oats beware of rebound effects. Do not fall victim of the casual sex conundrum. Dive into the dating pool with a lot of caution. Do not become so promiscuous as you might put your health at risk. This usually happens to women who were in passionless marriage before divorce. It is like they feel the desire and pressure to re sexualize their lives. If it builds your self-esteem have the fun but do not sleep with everyone.

Your husband was always the best person to have sex with but now that he is your "ex-husband" so ditch him completely. Do not have sex with him. There are possible proactive ways and means of jump starting your sex life but do not make that mistake of sleeping with the enemy. If he loved you, you would be still together. Sex after divorce with your ex-husband causes emotional entanglement which can actually set you back. It eats on your self-esteem slowly by slowly. When most divorced women feel lonely the first person they think of is their ex-husband. Make a rule that always reminds you that your ex is your ex and you should stay away from him. I know you prefer sex with him due to safety issues but you can still enjoy safe sex with a stranger as you turn him in to a friend and lover.

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