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Women > Reproduction > How To Be Hot When Your Not!

By JacquiB author of A Girl with a One Track Mind - Confessions of the Seductress Next Door

So I am Single. I have been dating since high school and have had a few boyfriends but nothing healthy or long lasting. I have had my heartbroken and honestly, can't remember breaking any myself. I have met so many men from different backgrounds and different cultures. I rarely have a boyfriend long enough for my friends and family to meet them. Every so often someone gets a glimpse of one of my dates, and this is the only proof that some of them actually exist.

So I have had my heart broken, been dumped, rejected, denied and fired....and I still feel on top of this beautiful, exciting and promising world. I feel this way because I know that the man of my dreams is out there. I just know it! I am thankful that these men have moved on briskly because if the losers stick around, I wont be available when Mr Right gets here. So I have changed what getting dumped means to me and crazily enough, after shedding a tear or two, especially for the ones I thought id marry, I get excited!

And just because we are ladies in waiting, it does not mean that we cant have a little fun now does it? Of course not! So let me give you a some tips on how to do that ;-)

Tip #1 Fake it till you make it!

People believe what they see. Men are attracted to modest confidence, womanliness and the biggest most important one of all....Mystery! They love it!! So if you are not already one of those girls....start there! The real lessons will come later!

Tip #2 Don't have to be rich to wear hot clothes?

If you haven't already noticed....the whole entire fashion world is based on peoples ideas on what is cool and wearable. The people that start these trends are people like you and me. So whats stopping us from using our creativity? Nothing! I like beautiful new season clothes from Portmans and Principles but the truth is...I cant afford it all the time! So I improvise. I find and outfit that suits my figure perfectly and duplicate it in heaps of different colors and accessories. Your sure to always look good. Don't forget to watch a little MTV or E Channel to get the latest scoop in fashion too!

Tip #3 Less Is More

Easy on the War Paint! I love make up...adore it! Would be lost without it. However, I have seen sooooooooooooo many girls out there who pile on the make up. There is a huge difference between day wear, evening wear and dress ups. Day wear you want to have something very natural. Foundation (maybe some powder or bronzer), a little eye brow pencil, mascara that lengthens and frames your eyes and your favorite gloss is all you need. Ensure you blend that foundation in.....there's nothing worse then a mask line between your face and neck.

Evening, the same but add shimmer on your check bones and maybe a little more mascara and a darker shade of gloss.

Dressups - (maybe out to night clubs) Go for it! Anything goes really.....depends on who you are wanting to impress. Check out whats the latest on E Channel, MTV and Mags for tips. Bonus Tip: Guys like a natural looking girl. When there is too much make up they cant help but wonder what is going on under it!!!

Tip #4 Attitude is everything...

If your having a rough time loving who you are then obviously you have had either a broken heart, someones hurt you, someones made you feel inadequate or you watch to much t.v. We may not all look like models but who freakin does? There are things about my body I hate....heaps of them....but guess what. Certain Bras make my boobs look great and Baby Doll dress and tops hide my tummy and dresses and skirts hide my pudgy legs. So when looking in the mirror after I have worked my magic....I think nothing but.... fabulous! Find what you love about you and accentuate it! You need to believe you are worth being loved and you need to believe you are super hot!! If you believe it, they will believe it!

Tip #5 Smile...

People are attracted to positivity. Don't believe me??? Try it. Not once and awhile. All the time.....see what starts to happen when you smile. The boys boys wonder what the mystery behind that cute smile is all about.

Tip #6 Smell Good...

Have a couple of delicious perfumes that people will remember you by. Day and Evening fragrances. Don't load it on, just enough so that when someone walks by they catch a hint of your mesmerising scent.

Tip #7 Don't be too eager...

When you are approached by a man and he does ask you out, which he will. Whether it be randomly, over the net or set up by a friend (I meet most of my men over the net). Don't put everything off for him immediately and say YES YES YES! Be calm, think about the date and say "that sounds really nice, can I just check on a few things and get back to you"? Then grab his no. and the next day call him and politely make a time that suits you both. Your a lady after all.

Tip #9 Think Sexy

Read some sexy magazines or books, or watch dvd's to stimulate those latent or dormant desires and that part of your brain that likes sex so when you do meet Mr Possible, your mind is on track and you can help this along and get an advantage with some pheromone perfume.

Tip #9 Finally...

Be is someone supposed to like you if your not even being you. Be calm, cool and collected. It is normal for us women to have a man half way down the isle on the first date.....but don't bloody tell him that! LOL Joke a bit, smile, be polite and don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. Just because he finds you hot doesn't mean you have to feel the same....and never ever sleep with a man on the first date.....ever!

About the Author

Hi There :-) I am really enjoying my journey through out the internet and am delighted with what resources I have found in order to better myself financially and academically. I am excited about what the future holds for me and am relieved that I have finally found my niche. Which is learning and becoming successful in something I love.

Please purchase my book A Girl with a One Track Mind - Confessions of the Seductress Next Door Jacqui B

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