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Sleep > Insomnia

The inability to sleep regularly is one of the most common sleeping problems. People from any age can suffer from it, and it may range from occasional sleepless nights to a life long inability to sleep.
Its causes can be several:

  • side effect of medication
  • excessive intake of caffeine, either by drinking coffee, tea, or chocolate,
  • poor planning of daily activities,
  • stress,
  • anxiety,
  • poor diet, including too much or too little food intake
  • aging, excessive exercise or lack of it,
  • poor living conditions,
  • excessive noise or light,
  • too high or too low room temperature.
Insomnia in the elderly, according to scientists, appear to be related to the natural aging process, in which the circadian rhythm - body's ability to program itself for day and night activities, appear to retrograde to the new born age. For many elderly the ability to sleep will depend on the ability to stay awake during the day, and avoid naps.

For others, naps will be important to relieve tiredness and assure a good quality sleep during the night. Middle age or younger adults tend to suffer from insomnia for emotional reasons very frequently. Once a man whose wife was pregnant for the first time, was suffering from insomnia for months. He had a recurrent dream, in which his wife handed the baby to him and went out shopping, he lost the baby and couldn't find her anywhere. As the time passed, he would become more and more desperate, because he had to find the baby before she arrived home. Then he would wake up fatigued and sweaty. Other similar dreams he had were about dropping the baby on the floor while changing her nappies, bath the baby with soap and be unable to hold her because of his slippery hands. The man recovered his sleep after dealing successfully with his anxiety regarding the arrival of a new member of his family, and with his concerns about being a good father.

Another man had a recurrent dream of having his bank manager coming to his farm, pushing him away and taking possession of it, without notice. This man had a just mortgaged his farm, and had real worries about his ability to repay the debt. Having been brought up believing that he should not owe money to anybody, it took him a long time to find out whether he was really unable to pay the mortgage or if he just had irrational fears, and his self-disapproval for borrowing money. He decided to keep the mortgage and restored his normal sleep after understanding that it is perfectly acceptable to obtain mortgages, if there is some evidence that one can repay it.

In summary, good sleep will always depend on a good day time. Emotional well being, moderation in everything we do, exercise, and a balanced diet to keep good health will always improve the quality of sleep.

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