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Men's Health > Libido

Sexual Desire and Ability

When libido is strong, the whole family is happy

Libido, the desire and the ability to have sex is something we often take for granted and we expect it always to be there.  But millions of men today suffer from a lack of sexual interest and when the opportunity for sex arises, either a man cannot get interested or an erection, or cannot sustain an erection for long enough to satisfy his partner.

A healthy libido signifies health on many levels, it's when you wake up with a boner and have someone to share it with.  Young men will often be able to have sex several times a day, however work and other distractions of see the urge falling away.  Of course this passion for life can be directed into other areas besides sex, but sex is a primal urge that's been messed about with by society and morality.

There's no rule as to how often we should have sex,  rules (aside from do no harm) are invalid when it comes to sex and it's a matter of do as do as you and a willing partner feel inspired.

The education of women and the increase of women in the work place along with equal rights undoubtedly has had an enormous impact on human relationships.  At one time it was enough that a man would return from work and have a 'quickie' before falling asleep. But today his wife is reading Cosmo and learning that she is entitled to multiple orgasms and expects her man to maintain an erection and provide satisfaction.

Many men are under much greater pressure in many areas of life, they are expected to play a greater role in child rearing, are working in a more competitive world, suffer from the effects of toxic pollution and the chemicals in our processed foods. The effects of environmental change are so great that it is predicted that all men will be infertile within 120,000 years. You and I may be long dead, however is may be doom for the humanity as it is a male role to protect and ensure the survival of our species.

Given the pressures of life, few men can maintain their libido without support and it's here that old age medicines and modern science are helping to provide solutions to the physical aspects of libido.  There are many products emerging that provide support for erectile strength, sperm quality and volume. These products are increasingly used as substitutes for a poor diet, lack of exercise and real intimacy, but interestingly, a concentrated nutritional boost and a reminder that you are in control of your life can work wonders and even reverse the decay.

Common Problems

  • Andropause the male equivalent of I can't be bothered, read more.
  • Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence, the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficiently long enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse, read more.
  • Premature Ejaculation the inability to maintain an erection sufficiently long enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse, read more.
  • Venereal diseases, thrush, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hiv and other venereal diseases are very contagious and not only incapacitate men's ability to have sex they create havoc with our social structure.

    Products to help overcome erectile difficulties


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