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Massage > Getting a massage treatment

Massage and you; what you have to do and what you may expect when you go for a massage. The points raised here are for your consideration and if you are uncertain about anything, ask at the time of booking.

The reasons you go for a massage are many and in general terms you may expect:

  • Relaxation - generally a gentle full or part body massage
  • Stress release - a gentle to firm full body massage
  • Human contact - a gentle to firm full body massage
  • Body toning and self improvement - a firm full body massage
  • Treatment of injuries or health problems - a gentle, firm or strong full or part body massage.

The points above are indicators and every massage style will be slightly different, so sometimes you have to try a number of therapists to find what you're looking for.

Making a booking

Bookings may be by phone, text or email, but when you book a massage, you are dealing with a health professional and you can discuss / ask if the therapist can perform what you are wanting.

It's appropriate to behave as you would when making an appointment with any medical specialist and if you must cancel, give as much notice as possible and if you cancel the same day, it's appropriate to pay part or all of the massage fee.


Plan your day so that you take time to relax before and after your treatment.

Take a shower and it's most appropriate to wear soft cotton as your skin will love you. Don't wear any tight or restrictive clothing so your body can breathe before you get there and afterwards.

Massage clinic facilities

You could go to a private house, a city clinic, a spa or resort, or have a therapist come to your home or hotel so there are a wide range of options, but the place should be clean, warm (the optimal temperature about 25 degrees), relaxing and private. Clinics may or may not have shower facilities.

The clinic staff and therapists should be well presented, treat you well and have a friendly manner without fuss. You may be massaged on a table, a bed or on the floor depending on the massage method.

To ensure you get a good treatment:

Good communication is extremely important. You must to tell the therapist about any medical problems you may have including surgeries and diseases you may suffer from. Failure to do this can result in the aggravation of in injury or spread infections.

You also need to let them know what you want and expect from the massage.

We all like to be fondled and made a fuss of. If warmth, comfort, cleanliness and privacy accompany this, you can relax and enjoy the sheer physical pleasure of the massage and the euphoric state of mind it induces.

Do you want a full body massage or just a partial massage?

We live in a divided society, we are divided from each other and the social manipulation and control is what makes us ill and tarnishes our self image.

Massage directly addresses symptoms and seeks to provide relief and balance to the whole body, but if you're shy about getting your buttocks massaged, massage will do little to help fix your aching back. If you're embarrassed by stretch marks and don't want your tummy touched, massage will do little to relieve your constipation or reproductive issues. 

Massage approaches around the world vary in both philosophy and practice. Many 'politically minded" service providers will never touch or massage the breasts, buttocks or inner thighs and will at all times keep these areas including the genitals covered. Other therapists will with the clients permission, massage the breasts and work deep into the groin to help achieve the desired outcome. In other massage systems like lomi lomi, your body may be completely uncovered.

How much do you undress?

If you are shy about any part of your body, it's your duty to inform the therapist of this prior to the commencement of the massage and you can leave your knickers on, but ladies, please remove your bra.

During the massage

During the session make sure to open your mouth and give feedback about the pressure, speed of movement or anything that bothers you. You need to let the therapist know so as to ensure you get a good treatment and the therapist can perform his or her work. 

Do your best to relax during the session and keep breathing as sometimes holding your breath will make you tense.

You may prefer a very vigorous massage or be soothed with soft techniques. At no time should massage be unpleasant or painful although in therapy for very tense or strained muscles you may find the treatment causes some discomfort but should not exceed your tolerance level and you need to be able to relax into this form of treatment for it to be effective. The therapist although often intuitive is not a mind reader, you must ask for your needs and desires in your treatment.

You may be left to have a short rest after massage treatment. This aids further relaxation and after the treatment do drink plenty of water to help flush toxins from your body.

Remember to inform the therapist of any health problems or concerns that you may have for both yours and the therapists peace of mind.

Other points:

Massage Time

The time taken to perform a massage can be anything from a 10 minute neck and shoulder release to 2 or 3 hours of bliss.

The Massage Medium
An organic soft non-sticky wax, balm or oil without odour which spreads easily and washes off without trouble is preferred. Oils such as sweet almond, avocado, grape seed, rosehip, coconut and others are suitable. Fragrance can be added with essential oils which are often used to assist relaxation and help heal your body.

Massage and Sex
If this is all you want you are better served by going to a massage parlour or brothel.

Massage due to it's nature can be interpreted as sexual and you may feel aroused during treatment. This does not imply in anyway that the therapist wants or wishes to create any sexual relationship. However to feel aroused is normal, we are sexual beings.  If during a massage you feel aroused, you can ask the therapist to work more in a less sensitive area or engage in conversation as a distraction. Generally women may enjoy a warm inner glow without the therapists knowledge, however for men, getting an erection can be more embarrassing but your therapist will not have any judgment or take advantage of your vulnerability.

Image right; massage in another time.

Massage in your Home or Hotel
When you make your booking you need to specify your requirements to the therapist as to the type of massage and the length of time. You must have your room warm as once oil is applied, your body will cool down. We recommend a room temperature of about 25 degrees. You may be treated on a bed, or a blanket on the floor, or the therapist may bring a massage table to set up, which ever, you will also need to check that you will not be unduly disturbed. (Take the phone off the hook)

In New Zealand there are some beneficiaries and gifted amateurs who will offer treatments from as little as NZ$15.00 per hour. However qualified therapists charge anything from NZ$30.00 to over $100.00 per hour depending on their level of expertise.
In The USA, a good massage can be as much as US$200.00 per hour.

What should I do if I am unhappy with my massage treatment?
The rare problems that may occur are caused by misunderstandings which can easily be resolved by discussing your concerns with the therapist directly. Problems are avoided by being clear as to what you require and during your initial consultation.

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