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Diseases Index Suicide

A tragic consequence

This phenomenon is on the increase in our society and it is a subject so difficult to deal with, it?s often swept under the carpet and rarely discussed publicly.

Social injustice

Young people suicide because they have lost hope and faith in their ability to carry out the normal functions of life due to social and political injustice.

Society asks a lot of our youth, to get an education they are settled with a debt which may take a lifetime to pay off and this denies them the freedoms and liberties that their parents once had. This form of social injustice severely reduces the individual?s rights to social equity, natural justice and the freedom to find happiness as individuals are for ever slaves to their debts.

In Western society, we have all been bought up with the promise of certain freedoms and yet those freedoms are being eroded by those political and economic powers that seek to enslave every man woman and child. The opportunities for young people today to find true happiness and degree of social, political and economic freedom are severely limited.

The initial response of the wounded child is depression. While most buckle down and accept their fate, increasing numbers choose to terminate their existence.

Many of our youth are simply so confused by the bigotry in our society that nothing makes sense.

Our poisoned environment

We live in an environment made toxic by our own base desires. Mankind greed and industrialisation has resulted in our environment being polluted with all manner of toxic substances.

Almost all of our food is laden with highly toxic agricultural chemicals, some of those foods which are now being genetically modified contain even higher amounts of toxic chemicals, it?s a saw a food grows in is depleted and our foods lack the basic energy required to sustain life.

We also live in a soup of radiation where the national radiations of the planet are added to by all our electronic devices. The consequence of environmental poisoning is that our bodies and minds are weakened and we are less able to resist diseases or fully utilise the potential of our intellects.

The flasehoods of history
Sadhguru sheds light on information overload
and the causes of suicide

A close examination, most find that our factual history is far from the actual truth. History in fact it is written by the winners of battles seeking to portray themselves in the best possible light and the record of their battles and victories are compiled by that creative imaginations.

Now that our history is coming under the spotlight, it has been found that heroes like the Greek Alexander were the opposite of great. In fact the Greeks and Romans took their ideas from other civilisations, yet the world has come to accept the Greeks and Romans as the instigators of these ideas. In the light of modern scientific knowledge and archaeological evidence, the idea of the holy Trinity is existed many thousands of years before Christianity came along. It is clear that Christopher Columbus never discovered America, but he is responsible for the decimation of millions of people. We do not know the total loss of life of the Inca and Maya peoples, but we do know that the European conquest of North America cost the lives of more than 14.5 million Native Americans.

The falsehoods of history that are still being taught to our children are rapidly being exposed and those children who are reviewing these new truths have their hearts broken that what they are learning in school as gospel truth is so wrong.

Religion itself is so wrong

In the light of archaeological research and the uncovering of new archaeological records, there is some doubt that Jesus Christ actually existed. Certainly the eminent scholars of the time never mentioned him and the story of the death and rebirth is a far more ancient tale that has nothing to do with religion at all.

The death and rebirth of the sun relates to the twenty-one hundred year periods dividing the procession of the equinoxes. As our earth wabbles on its axis, a complete cycle takes twenty-six thousand years. Every twenty-one hundred years, in the northern hemisphere there is a phenomenon were at the midwinter solstice, the stars known as the three Kings (Orion belt) align with the sunrise.

To pass on this knowledge, the ancients devised ceremonies to help us remember and yet these ceremonies have lost their true meaning.

Modern Christian church was established by Rome to help hold the empire together, it failed but by then the church became an institutionalised and powerful entity. It created its own spin and ideology to grow rich and powerful. It is simply a sociopolitical force that can have no possible influence for the good of humanity beyond its token gesture of charity to the poor and dispossessed.

This wrongness so offends the souls of the pure at heart and as there is no redress available, the only solution for them is to terminate this round of their existence.


Humanity is so twisted that true love has great difficulty in expressing itself. Here it is not just the youth who prematurely end their lives, it can be anyone who is so unhappy in love.

Church and state have distorted the ideas of love and politicised how we should relate. Combined with the fact that most people on this planet are enslaved to economic?s and social ideologies that are not based on any reality, the outcome is disastrous.

Those who survive in this day and age must either learn to hide their true selves away and live a life of endless pretence, or have the grace and humility to understand indeed that while iron bars, enslavement to debt limit physical freedom, by adopting a policy of kindness we can endure and find a degree of happiness.

Long-term solutions

There is no short-term solution as our civilisation is on a runaway course and totally out of control. The only a slim chance to slow the rate of suicides and eventually save ourselves from going down the path of all those civilisations who have failed and vanished into the dust of the earth is to begin teaching the truth and facing up to the facts that civilisation as an experiment gone wrong.

Our financial system is broken beyond repair, it?s time to wipe the slate clean and start again. In the same way we need to throw out most of our books and encyclopaedias, have a complete publicly open and transparent reevaluation of our history as to what is and is not true.

We need to base our existence on the fact that we exist on a finite world and yet we have the capacity to travel beyond the stars. We need to understand that we are dependent on our planetary home and each other.

Most suicides are not going to be prevented with medications and counselling, the only cure is to cure civilisation itself.



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