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Common Diseases > Candida A Holistic View

A Candida Yeast Infection, can infect all bodily systems, it is a social and medical dilemma that has been without easy access to answers or remedies. Literally millions of men and women have yeast infections that are causing, directly or indirectly, a significant number of health problems or conditions. If it is not completely removed and/or the body protected, it will continue to grow and will reduce your resistance to a host of physical aliments and complications.

The devastation and discomforts that caused to the body due to this insidious and tenacious parasite is immeasurable and in most cases the means of its removal or control is inadequate. Going from doctor to doctor and product to product is not the answer. It requires special attention and knowledge to overcome a serious to severe yeast infection and the following information will help you to to understand and deal with it.

Candidiasis is believed to be a major contributing factor to he cause of: Chronic Fatigue. Immune Weakness. Allergies. Systemic Degeneration. In our weakened state we are more vulnerable to other pathogens and the pollutants in our food, the air we breath, the radio, TV, microwave and other electro magnetic pollution. All these pollutants contribute to a weakening of our physiology which then makes it easier for harmful micro-organisms to flourish. It is a vicious cycle and the end result is that we suffer a wide range of symptoms such as food allergies, digestive problems, skin conditions, tiredness and a failing will due to not understanding the problem

Candida is a yeast that is believed to have always lived in the human body as a harmless parasite until the 1940s to 1960s. It is believed that due to the general weakening of human health over the past 50 years the candida somehow changes or mutates so that it now causes harm to is host, that is us humans. The change is primarily that the candida changes from a yeast into a fungus. It is further believed that the fungal form of candida then spreads, sending out roots which then grow new shoots. It grows in vast numbers, undermining the immune system and  it is this overload of candida in the body which then causes the body to present various symptoms such as thrush, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and many other widely differing symptoms that still have the medical profession unsure, and often dismissing symptoms as imaginary. It is also that our life style has changed and our diet so lacking in nutrients that we are more vulnerable to infections.

A yeast cell produces over 75 known toxic substances that poisons the human body. These toxins contaminate the tissues where it weakens the immune system, the glands, the kidneys, bladder, lungs, liver and especially the brain and nervous system. Candida yeast can become so massive and invasive that is enters a fungal form where it sends out very long, root like structures that penetrate the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal wall. This penetration breaks down the protective barrier between the intestinal tract and bloodstream, allowing many foreign and toxic substances to enter and pollute the body systemically. As a result, proteins and other food wastes that are not completely digested or eliminated can assault the immune system and cause allergic reactions, fatigue and many other health problems. It also allows the Candida itself and bacteria to enter the bloodstream, from which it may find its way to other tissues, resulting in far ranging effects such as soreness of the joints, chest pain, sinus and skin problems, etc. An autopsy done on a lady (USA) who had died of heart failure for no apparent reason, found that her heart was encased with Candida yeast. [We are not sure how accurate this point is, however it is probable. ED.] Vaginal yeast infections are more prevalent today than ever, and they will never completely go away until the yeast has been cleared from the intestinal area. To make matters worse, Candida can be sexually transmitted from one person to another and can pass on infection to a baby if infected at the time of birth.

Candida covers the intestinal wall interfering with the digestion and assimilation of food nutrients. Many people, especially senior citizens, cancer victims and those with AIDS are wasting away for want of nutrition because they cannot absorb what they eat. Many people digest less than 50% of their food because the Candida creates a digestive conflict and robs them of their nutrition. Candida creates chaos in the intestines and diseases of which the doctors have little or no answer and can use only medicines to treat it the symptoms present. Immunological weaknesses and infections are made worse by the presence of Candida throughout the body.

The major waste product of yeast cell activity is acetaldehyde and the by-product ethanol. Many people have a low iron content because this mineral is hard to absorb when Candida is present, and therefore have little oxygen in the tissues. Ethanol can cause excessive fatigue and reduces the strength and stamina which takes away ambition. It destroys enzymes needed for cell energy and cause the release of free radicals which encourage the ageing process.

Candida Albicans in an incredible destroyer of health and is believed to be the main missing link in many of our modern day diseases and sub health conditions. The fact that Candida can rob the body of its nutrition and poison the tissues with it toxins is a major contribution, directly or indirectly to many serious conditions. 

The majority of people who have Candida do not realise they have it until become seriously ill. The symptoms are so numerous and seemingly unrelated that is is very perplexing to both doctor and patient. Candida itself is totally preventable and if you have this condition, there are special ways in which it can be completely and permanently eliminated.

The presence of Candida and what it does to the body is common knowledge with health practitioners, but how to get rid of it is a guessing game and not understood by most doctors and is usually treated with antibiotics such as Nystatin and other antibiotics over a long period of time.

Overcoming a moderate to serious Candida Yeast Overgrowth completely and permanently within a given period of time depends on its severity.

This anti fungal program that overcomes Candida in a completely natural, more reliable and permanent manner. If you can remove this parasite from your body using a natural approach, you will also remove all the negative effects and symptoms along with it.

This program can significantly improve your digestion and all associated weaknesses including bloating, constipation, ulcers, colitis, colon problems, gas, chronic fatigue, aches and pains and many kinds of subtle and nagging health problems. Even acute infections such as the common cold, Epstein Bar Virus, bladder infections, skin eruptions, etc. can be prevented or significantly improved.

It will especially take the stress off of the immune system, the glands and the nervous system. Reproductive organ problems which can have their roots in a Candida Yeast infection may eventually disappear. Many negative conditions may slowly go way with this incredible technique and it can help increase food assimilation by as much as 50%.

I believe that the path to recovery begins with starving and attacking the candida, and restoration of the digestive system, with correct food combining. The programme outlined here will take three months or more and you will know when you start to feel better although do not stop here, but continue for as long as possible to give the candida chance to return.

Not mixing proteins and carbohydrates in meals, and completely:
  • Eliminating all sugar, and products that contain sugar.
    • Small amounts of fresh fruit* may be eaten.
  • Elimination of all products containing gluten.
  • The the adoption of a positive mental attitude,
  • The repairing of the bodies electrical circuits
  • Some gentle physical exercise to assist the metabolism to repair. 
  • Digestive Bacteria
    • Acidophalis
    • Supreme Flora - also known as ‘Latero Flora’
    • Lacto Bacillus
  • Enzymes
  • Amino Acids
  • Minerals To conduct Energy
  • Colloidal Silver
    • Colloidal Silver is excellent for easing the discomfort of vaginal and penile itches.  Used topically It quickly kills off any irritating bacteria. Taken internally it helps eliminate systemic candida and other pathogens and supports the immune system.
  • Garlic, Use Garlic liberally as it has been found that 24 of 26 strains of Candida Albicans were sensitive to aqueous garlic.
  • Caprylic Acid is believed to have no side effects.
  • Be gentle,
    • Yoga
    • Tai Chi
    • Walking
    • Swimming
  • Take time to get to know yourself and reflect on,
    • What is life?
    • Who You Are
    • What do you expect from life
Think Positive, and LOVE YOURSELF.
*Natural fruit sugar is seen as being energetically different than refined sugar and therefore biologically unavailable to the candida. A little Maple Syrup is also ok as long as it is pure and unrefined.
By using this natural method, the Candida is killed and its regrowth is prevented. This simple program is easy to follow knowing what Candida is, how it got there and how to get rid of it.
If you have a yeast overgrowth, or if you know of others who are bothered or incapacitated by the presence of a yeast infection, or are always tired and listless, then please read the enclosed information and/or give to those who you feel may benefit.

Other contributing factors are products such as aspartame, pesticide residues and fertilisers, animal medications and growth hormones in meat products, even the detergent left on your dishes after washing which also weaken the immune system allowing Candida to flourish.

The Candida Questionnaire


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