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Diet > Substantial Losses

Jenny was once 230 pounds (approx. 105 kgs), and 5'6" in height. Being in a very unhappy marriage, the sharpest criticism her husband could make was about her weight. The relationship was broken, and she decided to make a few changes in her life. Her resolution was to be slim.

Having been overweight most of her life, Jenny was very aware of the social pressures to be slim. It was difficult to find shops which sold large size clothes. Seats in public transport, and even friends garden chair didn't suit her, she could hardly go through some doors in places where most people can walk in easily, such as dairies and grocery shops. She also felt uncomfortable while eating with other people. The amount of food she ate was about twice the amount her friends ate. She never thought she could be an overeater, she only ate when she was hungry, and only enough to kill her hunger.

As Jenny grew older, she was becoming heavier. She decided to join a slimming programme. It was very hard. She dropped her food intake from 2500 to 1000 calories a day. The day after she started the programme, she had a sensation of dizziness and nausea, strong hunger, and difficulty in concentrating. She thought she would fail. She didn't want to fail again. A marriage break-up was enough. So she decided to stay in the programme and never drop out until she achieved her goal.

Taking part in meetings with other overweight provided strong support, because besides sharing her ups-and-downs as an overweight, she also learned a lot about foods and how her body digested it. The support Jenny received actually made up for those feelings of unwellness while slimming.

Six months later she was weighing only 115 pounds (approx. 53 kg). That was her greatest and only achievement. Within the same period of time she couldn't find a job, had failed at making new friends, and still had to cope with unwelcome enquiries about her broken relationship by old friends.

When looking in the mirror, Jenny's face was much smaller, so she had to have a haircut that suited best her new look, she was also proud to walk into a shop and trying on sizes 8 or 10. That was her new self: a much smaller figure, a much slimmer body. She couldn't wait to meet her ex-husband! It was still very hard to keep away from treats, sweets, and food in general, however this was the price she had to pay.

She didn't know that there were a lot more hidden costs to her new shape.

Once in one of the popular TV shows, Miss Universe was interviewed. She was asked: if the world had no rules, what would you do? Her answer: "I would eat, eat, and eat. I would eat everything twice". The audience gave her a huge clap of hands. In fact it, eating healthily takes a lot of discipline. Eating less then one's natural body requirements takes a lot more than discipline, it takes self-sacrifice.

Jenny still had many difficulties in her social life. Men who tried to get closer, were soon perceived as a threat, or somebody just looking for sex. Having much less than her desirable daily quota of food, she had very little energy, felt tired and depressed most of the time, and looked pale.

While continuously looking for a job, she used to make a very good impression at the interview, as she walked in the door, tall and confident. However, her confidence was knocked down at the first attempt to answer a question that demanded thinking, there was no coherence in what she said, because she couldn't concentrate. There was no energy for enthusiasm.

One day, she saw her husband in a social gathering . He approached her, said that she looked very different, and introduced his new girlfriend. From that day on, Jenny gave up the food restrictions she imposed on herself.

This time Jenny would eat twice as much as she used to eat before dieting, she wanted to make up for those long months of semi-starvation. Within a few weeks she reached 230 pounds again. And now it was a struggle to keep that weight.

It was only after restructuring all her eating habits that Jenny finally managed to keep the same weight. A self-esteem course helped her accept herself for what she is, and build confidence. Nowadays she runs a restaurant, wears size 20, plays netball, has a busy social life, and can't cope with the demands for dating. Jenny never looks back in time.

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