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Diet > The Effects of Fashion Models on Your Diet

How skinny is unhealthy?
Fashion models of twenty years ago weighed 8% less than the average woman, but today they weigh 23% less, however there are over 3 billion women in the world who do not look like supermodels....

Of course this subject has been in the media for years and there is actually a real movement within the fashion industry to include models with curves, however anorexic looking models dominate many fashion events and there is the un answered question of 'how much influence does this have on our diet and behaviour, especially of our children?

Glamour deludes
We see the glamour, the nice clothes, the made up smiles and some how come to see this as the desired "norm" to aspire to, to become like them so that we will not be loved and accepted!!!!!!! So sad but true for many and it is difficult to avoid as the glamour industry is always in our face...!!!

Real women have curves

It is important to know that looking that thin or a certain way isn't going to make you perfect or popular. Those bone-skinny images portrayed in some beauty magazines are not beauty. Beauty comes only from within. If you see a beauty magazine and it gets you angry or makes you feel bad about yourself then it is time to sit down and take stock of your situation.

It is time to talk to your friends and family, and you will find that they all suffer from the same delusions. It is the joining together in unity that will give you strength to over come your fears and to k now that you are loved, that you are worth while, that you are important , that you are a valued member of our society and that to surrender to the delusion of glamour will kill your body, mind and self respect.

If you friends do not support you in this, they are not really your friends and it is time to make new, real friends.

An interesting report on NZ national news stated that with teens and smoking. "The desire to smoke is generated more by seeing the tv & film actors smoking more than by seeing friends and family smoking." We see the media image as being a primary contributing cause of people developing eating disorders as they struggle to become the desired image.

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