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Diet > Diet for Optimal Weight

As much as there are thousands of diets available, this program is unique and is part of a lifestyle that is unconventional in our fast paced society. It has worked for generations for millions of people and is still valid today.

You do not even have to strictly stay with any particular food groups although if you were to totally eliminate sugar from your diet, this alone is sufficient for most people.

A glass of water on rising to assist with elimination and a few minutes exercise - or at least a good stretch so your body feels awake.
Then just fresh fruit, or a light conventional but reasonably low fat and low sugar meal - cereal, or bagel or crossant & coffee.

Here you need some exercise - 20-40 minutes that you work up a sweat. Do some work and regular activity.

This is your main meal for the day. In Asia, this is eaten from mid to late morning and is a full dinner - either meat, fish or other protein with a selection of vegetables.
This does not fit well with the office routine, however if you have some independence in regard to work, this is in our opinion the best time for a main meal, as it has all day to digest. Where as often a main meal before bed simply sits in the belly and converts to fat.

After this meal - rest - relax for a couple of hours, then continue with work or your interests and if you missed some morning exercise, now is the time to make up.

Around dusk - just a light meal - something that will digest before you retire to sleep.
Perhaps a salad with a slice of wholegrain bread, or cooked grain. Or fruit & yogurt and then go dance or engage in some social activities.

Drink as and when thirsty during the day, limit coffee and tanin teas to 2 or 3 cups per day. Remember alcohol contains sugar, so when drinking, be mindful of this and adjust you diet to have less sugar over the next few days.

Before bed, again have a quiet stretch and a glass of water.

To follow this diet, your whole family needs to participate or else it is very challenging and you don't need that just now. Work to make your life easy with self honesty and determination. Then your dreams and goals will be closer.

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