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Ayurveda > Ayurvedic Treatment > Ashtang-Ayurved: Rasayana-Chikitsa
By Dr. Satish Kulkarni

Rasayana-chikitsa means rejuvenation. This branch of ashtang ayurved aims at achieving a long and healthy life. The philosophy of ayurved is to establish good health rather than just curing diseases. Rasayana is an active step towards achieving this. It prescribes treatment for repairing wear and tear of the body due to aging or diseases. Rasayana means that physical, mental and spiritual aid to the human body which brings the body out of its condition of natural or man made loss. It claims that it retards the process of aging.

Rasayana-chikitsa basically boosts the ojas (vital force of life) and the immune system. It helps a person to maintain good health or to establish impaired or lost physical or mental health. The adjective ojaswi is used to describe those people who keep good health in all seasons and all stages of life. It is like obtaining a high rank in a physical or mental fitness exam throughout one’s life span. Ojas gives a bright look, sharp memory, high performance and every expected pleasure. To achieve this state of health, intermittent regeneration of dhatu (body tissues) is recommended by ayurved. Rasayana- chikitsa is the optimal way to achieve this. Rasayana-chikitsa provides a long, disease free and vigorous life to the person who undergoes this therapy seriously. Rasayana-chikitsa helps to bring life back to normal.

There are two types of rasayana-chikitsa. The first type is given to a patient who is short of time, labor and enthusiasm or one who cannot undergo the full length of the treatment for some valid reason. This patient receives a short package of rasayana-chikitsa and he or she is allowed to continue his or her routine simultaneously. This patient is advised dietary changes and changes in life style in addition to possible rasayana medicines. These medicines are carefully chosen considering the patient’s age, sex, prakruti (constitution), habits, living conditions and diseases acquired in the past and present status of the body.

The second type, kaya kalpa (total renovation of the body) is more complicated. The patient is segregated from his or her daily activities for a certain period of time and is kept in a kuti (hut) which is specially designed for rasayana-chikitsa. He or she is kept here under the observation of an ayurvedic specialist. A complete regime of rasayana is given to the patient one by one in addition to specially cooked food and monitored lifestyle in the kuti. It is believed that when he or she comes out of the kuti after completion of the treatment, his or her body is completely rejuvenated. All the old dhatu (body tissues) are replaced by new, energetic and lively dhatu thus aiming to lead a new and reinvigorated life.

Before starting the rasayana schedule, the patient is advised to undergo panchkarma (cleansing.) This helps in the initial detoxification of the body and prepares it for the rasayana regime. The rasayana regime includes several physical, mental and spiritual disciplinary activities along with medicines. Rasayana is supposed to supervise the individual in all respects of life for the period of treatment. It bestows upon a person, youth and energy. It enhances memory and brilliance. It improves the functioning of the special senses in addition to improving the longevity of life.

Rasayana-chikitsa comprises of a very strict diet, upside down changes in life style and a group of rasayana medicines. Amalaki, haritaki, trifala, brungaraj, ashwagandha, punarnava, chitraka are some examples of herbs that are called rasayanakar. Bhasma (calyxes) of various metals like gold, silver etc., bhasma of jewels like hiraka (diamond), manikya (ruby), moti (pearl), etc. are precious components in the group of rasayana medicines. They are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

To summarize, rasayana-chikitsa is rejuvenation and it gives vital energy. It compensates for wear and tear due to age and diseases. It bequeaths the gift of health wrapped in longevity to a person who opts for it.


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